Where To Find Me

I’m quite excited to announce that I am teaching embroidery on knitting and crocheting classes! If you would like to learn how to incorporate #embroideryonstockinette and/or #embroideryonsinglecrochet into your work, come take a class with me!  To have first dibs on a seat in one of my classes, please sign up for my newsletter on my home page


(Classes I Offer... just not at the moment...)

Advanced Embroidery on Knitting 


The After:

Knitting embroidered with six different motifs

The Before:

The swatch before it is embroidered



Reversible Embroidery on Stockinette

The Embroidered Knit Side:

Embroidery on the knit side

The Embroidered Purl Side:
Embroidery on the purl side


Let's Upcycle That Sweater!

Upcycle Sweaters with Embroidery


 Embroidered Flower on Knitting

 Embroidered Flower on Stockinette


Sashiko Persimmon Flower on Stockinette 


Embroidery on Single Crochet 





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