My Cowl Canvas (KNIT)
My Cowl Canvas (KNIT)
My Cowl Canvas (KNIT)
My Cowl Canvas (KNIT)
My Cowl Canvas (KNIT)
My Cowl Canvas (KNIT)
My Cowl Canvas (KNIT)
My Cowl Canvas (KNIT)

My Cowl Canvas (KNIT)

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Please note that this pattern does not provide instructions on how to embellish the cowl canvas. It is intended to be a blank slate for you to decorate as you please.

I have a separate tutorial available on my website with an overview of how I incorporated this style of stitching into my canvas. Embroidery on Stockinette is an in-depth description on how to embellish your right and wrong sides with stitches. The effect is REVERSIBLE, allowing for a multitude of possibilities in just one swath of knitting! Please visit to download the instructions.

For a closer look at how I embellished my cowl, I have provided photos on Instagram, @bloomhandmadestudio. You can also see more of my exploration of this topic via the hashtag #embroideryonstockinette. Also, I have begun teaching classes on this topic. If you would like to hear more about the classes or would like to arrange one, please email me at I’d love to chat with you!

The structure and shape of this cowl are a perfect blend of art and practicality. Made entirely with single crochet, slip stitches and a bit of decorative embellishment, it is proof that simple beauty can also be remarkably utilitarian. The shape of the piece is that of a lampshade, close enough to the neck and chest to ward off breezes from all directions, but not at all constraining around the shoulders and arms. And the simplicity of the underlying straight stockinette makes a perfect canvas for decoration of the maker’s choice. The stitches created by the knits and purls are excellent anchors for everything from sashiko-inspired stitches, embroidery, surface crochet and…. more! Not feeling the stitching on top? No worries, you can make this piece your own by choosing a beautiful palette of yarns, or making stripes, or using scraps, or…. well, the possibilities are endless! You’re the artist and this is your cowl canvas!

This pattern is written for all sizes, ages, genders and any weight of yarn. Directions are given for taking measurements of the wearer and how to do simple calculations based on your gauge to complete the design. I provide my measurements and calculations based on my size and gauge to help guide the process.

Madelinetosh Tosh DK
100% merino wool
DK weight
225 yards (206 meters)
per 100 gram skein

One skein of Antler
One skein of Dirty Panther

Notes on Yarn Selection
This pattern is written for any weight of yarn. You need not opt to use Tosh DK. Or even a DK weight. But if you are going to incorporate embroidery, I encourage you to choose a yarn with a high twist, which will be resistant to the friction caused by the additional stitching. Also, I recommend a solid or semi-solid, as the embroidery may be lost in a variegated yarn.

I required 200g of DK weight to make the cowl of my size and incorporate embroidery. If the wearer of your canvas is petite and/or you are not including extra stitching, you may be able to make your cowl with 100g of yarn.

US 6 (4.0 mm) needles
Darning needle
Blocking board
Spray bottle

Before embroidery:
5 sts and 8 rows / inch

k knit
k2tog knit 2 together
p purl
ssk slip one stitch as if to knit, slip the next stitch as if to purl,
knit these two stitches together
st st straight stockinette
sts stitches